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Rapid response and rescue of children in distress program

This means due to some sort of natural or manmade causes, the family is disrupted and some children get lost/ separated from their families/ they are at high risk of being abused/are abused. Arid and semi-arid districts in Kenya for example are prone to banditry attacks and cattle rustling among other conflicts. When this happens, you will agree with me the most affected are the women and children. Many children become orphans and most vulnerable after losing their parents and relatives. All killed in the fighting. Others loose important body organs while others are raped.

The girl child for example in Maasai, Turkana, Pokot and Samburu communities who are pastoralists is later targeted by the surviving clan members to restock the lost animals in case of cattle rustling through early/forced marriages

Through set system, the organization rescues the girls and prosecutes the perpetrators. The survivors are put under institutional care where all basic needs are catered for by their families OR are rescued from early marriage, FGM or Beading. In such case, the child is urgently rescued and removed from the threatening environment, taken to an institution while the social worker and the probonal lawyers together with police carries out investigations for arrest and prosecution in children`s court. Once the problem is saved, Counseling is done, reunion with the family facilitated with continued support and monitoring full family rehabilitation and reintegration.

OMDC runs a rapid response and rescue of children to rescue children immediately cases of abuse or exposure to detrimental risk are reported. This is done by placing them in the organization’s Safe Space at Laikipia North Sub county, Doldol town.

Health Program (Adolescents sexual &Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS, OVC care)

The overall objective of this training is to build the capacity of Boys and girls to manage their Reproductive Health in order to avoid situations that can lead to teenage pregnancies, HIV/AIDS infections, STIs, School dropout or early marriage. We are establishing a health friendly center in Laikipia North for friendly services to the children, adolescents, youth and women (MCH services).

OMDC has a Crisis Program where girls who fall pregnant because of Samburu Beading culture are rescued before crude abortion is carried out. They are encouraged to keep the pregnancy to term and if by then through counseling and in case they do not wish to keep the babies, special arrangements are put in place for safe delivery and mother offering. The baby is taken to the institution for 6 weeks after which the mother is summoned before an advocate to sign consent thus relinquishing all parental rights thus releasing the child for adoption through any of the registered adoption society.

This service is especially beneficial to adolescents, students and domestic workers who form most of our clientele and who are at risk of falling prey to abortion. The focus is to offer psychosocial support to the mothers/parents so as retain children in their original families.

The Organization also work towards reducing the HIV/AIDS prevalence and enhancing support mechanisms for affected and infected orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC).

This is done through increasing the level of awareness on HIV/AIDS, advocating for behavior change among adolescents and children orphaned or rendered vulnerable by the epidemic, enhancing the quality of care, psychosocial support and providing counseling and referral services for HIV/AIDS affected children in order to improve their care and quality of life.


The aim of this program is to enable various categories of actors and stakeholders in governance, children`s rights and social justice to gain necessary knowledge, skills, motivation and drive to effectively partner with One More Day for Children Foundation in engaging and delivering integrated, high quality child friendly services, plan and efficiently manage all aspects of their engagements and operations.

We offer training and consultancy services on:

  • Child Rights and child- rights programming
  • Protection and Child Participation
  • Alternative Child Care services( Local and International Adoption, Foster care, Guardianship, Institutional)
  • Adolescents and youth Reproductive Health and Peer Education
  • Gender Based Violence
  • Child-to-Child (CTC) and Youth to Youth (YTY) Methodologies in solving problems.
  • Child labor and SCREAM Method.
  • Pediatric HIV/AIDS Community Approach

Whereas OMDC has mainstreamed child rights and child participation in all its programs, this particular one aims at providing children with the opportunity to identify their needs and solutions. This is in recognition of the fact that children can identify their own needs and develop their own solutions. Through child participation, the children are sensitized on their rights and the significance of being involved in issues affecting them. Under this program, the organization implements and builds capacity on the children`s rights and participation to the duty bearers, caregivers, parents and children themselves aimed at securing, protecting and promoting children’s rights.